Project Role: Production Designer

Project Type: TV Series

Client: Will Packer Productions, Lionsgate Television, Debmar-Mercury

Ambitions explores the sexy, deceitful machinations of love, power and politics in America's hottest urban mecca, Atlanta, Georgia. The action revolves around two intense rivalries. The first has formidable legal eagles Stephanie Carlisle (Robin Givens) and Amara Hughes (Essence Atkins), former best friends from Spelman College, as adversaries in both their personal and professional lives. At the story's inception, Amara and her husband, Titus Hughes (Kendrick Cross), move to Atlanta for a fresh start. Stephanie, who is married to Evan Lancaster (Brian J. White), the city mayor, is driven to ruin Amara's marriage over an old conflict over who would become Titus's long-term love interest. The second is between two powerful families—the Carlisles (who own a major law firm) and the Purifoys (who own a large pharmaceutical corporation). The series features themes such as infidelity, blackmail, stalking, murder, gentrification, racism, intra-racial class stratification and the American opioid crisis, which ground the show in contemporary issues. Unforgettable strivers like Mayor Lancaster's sister and round-the-way diner owner Rondell Lancaster (Brely Evans) and his mistress Mexican-American fashion designer Bella Tru (Erica Page) round out the ensemble cast of regulars.

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